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Dr Dhimish (Lab Leader)

I completed my PhD in renewable energy in May 2018 from the University of Huddersfield (UK), jointly with the University of Leeds (UK), under the supervision of Prof. Violeta Holmes. Prior to this, I earned my MSc in Communication and Electronics Engineering and my BSc in Telecommunications Engineering. Currently, I am working as an assistant professor in electrical engineering and serving as the head of the Photovoltaics Laboratory at the University of York (UK). I also serve as the engineering training lead in the CDT (Center for Doctoral Training) Sustainable Materials for Net Zero and the course lead for MSc in Renewable Energy Technologies. Before my current role, I was an assistant professor in control and electrical engineering at the University of Huddersfield (2020-2021) and a postdoctoral research assistant at the Universities of Huddersfield and Leeds (2018-2019), focusing on developing a new configurable PV system design.

Dr Dhimish serves as a member of the editorial team for the renowned Renewable Energy Journal, and Clean Energy published by Oxford University Press. Dr. Dhimish has a strong publication record with over 70 papers in prestigious scientific journals and an H-index of 26. In October 2022, he appeared in the top five of a leading index of UK scientific academics and awarded multiple research grants (>£1.6m). As the PI of the EPSRC IAA, he established the UK's first vertical bifacial solar system

In addition to my academic positions, I have held three industrial roles. I worked as research visiting scientist at Above Surveying Ltd., Colchester, UK (2022), at AL SUWAIDI FTS CONSTRUCTION, Dubai, UAE (2020), and A-SAFE, Halifax, UK (2019). These positions primarily involved working on different aspects of photovoltaic systems, integrating with smart AI optimisation, and PV degradation modeling and analysis.




Dr Tochukwu Emma-Duru (2023)

Dr Tochukwu Emma-Duru (2023)

Dr Muhammad Hussaian (2022)

Dr Ali Mohd Ali (2021)​

Ahmad Mohsen, MSc Engineering (by research), 2023

Waqas Mohammed, MSc Physics (by research), 2022

Spencer Gittens, MSc Physics (by research), 2022

Grogba Joule, MSc Physics (by research), 2021

Amman Aashid, MEng in Engineering, 2024

Shervin Rasoulzadehfard, MEng in Physics, 2024

Syanthan Grandhi, MEng in Engineering, 2024

Majd Nabhan, MEng in Engineering, 2023

Xing Yue, MEng in Physics, 2023

Shiyun Li, MEng in Engineering, 2023

Noora Alhoda, MEng in Engineering, 2022

Jack Well, MEng in Engineering, 2022

Seraj Normand, MEng in Engineering, 2021

Daniel Jackson, MEng in Engineering, 2021

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